Story Start

The brand “MARMANSK”, from Russia, begins from the capital of world’s polar region, Murmansk, located in 68°58′N 33°03′O.

Born From

In the 68°N, the aurora magically spreads, which makes the city bright with mysterious color, and the whole sky is dancing like a dreamy picture, from dark to light, from deep to shallow. If you stand here and look up into the sky, you will catch the unforgettable firework from the God, which is splendid and beyond description, thus the brand “MARMANSK” is born.

Along With You

At the northernmost point, the world is all in front of you, and you will embrace all the opportunities, experiences and possibilities that never happened before. “MARMANSK” carries not only your travel and daily necessities but also all your experience and memories. By taking “MARMANSK”, it will contain your lifelong experience and feel the world along with you.

Travelling & Urban Life

“MARMANSK” is specially designed for travelling, especially for urban life design. The moment when you come out of your house, you could bring our designed “MARMANSK” series bag, no matter where you go. Every detail of “MARMANSK” series bag will make your urban travel more delightful.