AirFlip Pop-Up Backpack With Small Square Tote Bag


AirFlip Pop-Up Bag: The lightweight all-purpose modular and foldable easy-to-carry bag for all your urban, work, travel and outdoor needs.




-Small Square Tote Bag*1

The lightweight all-purpose modular and foldable easy-to-carry bag for all your urban, work, travel, and outdoor needs.

If there’s one thing that you want in life is to have nothing holding you back. The projects you’re passionate about,

the travels you’ve dreamed about and planned, the steps you’re taking to go where you want to go…

these are the things that really matter to you, so you don’t want any distractions.

So, when you’re on the move and pursuing your goals, you need a smart, comfortable, convenient,

and extremely lightweight bag that easily lets you carry everything that you need without being cumbersome,

feeling heavy, and getting in the way. That’s the Airflip Bag: the light-as-a-feather backpack that makes your life simpler!

It’s so light, you’ll hardly remember that you’re carrying it.

This is the bag that allows you to carry and hide cash and documents very discreetly and smoothly,

keeping it hidden inside your clothes without allowing anyone to notice that you’re carrying it.

The bag lets you conveniently store your folded backpack or turn it into the inner compartment of your backpack.

Whether you use it separately to keep your backpack or to add this extra inner pocket to your bag,

this small tote bag brings yet even more convenience to what the Airflip Bag has to offer.

And that’s not all: you can handily hook it to any other bag and get going!

Carrying your own world with you at all times is about to become as easy as it should be. With the Airflip Bag,

everything is made easy. This is a foldable backpack that you can literally fold in one second and store in three seconds…

and you can simply toss it out in the air and that’s it: it’s open! Oh, and if it reminds you of an easy-to-set-up tent, that’s because it’s inspired by one!

As a transformable bag, the Airflip Bag had to be extremely light and versatile,

which is why we used a beautiful and stylish minimalistic tent-inspired design that complements its extremely low weight of 0.25kg.

This is a bag that embodies style, convenience, durability, and a world of functionalities all in one truly unique backpack.

Where other bags come with locks and zippers that break and become damaged far too easily,

the Airflip Bag is made with a high-quality fabric worked with extreme attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

It has also been designed to let you get quick access to the main pocket.

A D Hook on one of the straps and carry loops mean that the Airflip Bag makes it easy for you to carry

and keep extras at hand: attaching accessories to the straps—like a torch or anything you don’t want to put inside your pack.

No bag convenience matters if it breaks your back.

That’s right: you want to carry what you need but your spine health shouldn’t be compromised by it.

That’s why the Airflip Bag has breathable and ergonomic straps

that ensure you won’t carry it in an uncomfortable position that ends up hurting your neck or back.

 Whatever happens, wherever you are, the Airflip Bag is made with waterproof fabric that ensures your personal belongings.

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Weight2 kg