Urbana Sling Bag


Want to pack light and move freely around the city? URBANA BLACK COLLECTION brings you a special Sling Bag for the perfect low-profile look, easy access storage and better weight distribution across your body. The favorite bag style for many due to its smaller size, versatility and design, the Sling Bag is incredibly functional and easy to use but also a cool addition to your streetwear. What’s more, it’s great for emptying your pockets or for carrying just that little bit extra!

Made of high-quality materials with dirt-resistant and water-repellent fabrics – plus an outer zipper pocket to easily store all your essentials – the Sling Bag is especially good for warmer climates or outdoor adventures that you can comfortably wear across the chest or back. Unparalleled mobility and ergonomics give you the freedom you need to carry out your tasks and fully explore the city!




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Weight1 kg