Urbana Messenger Bag
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Urbana Messenger Bag


Larger than the Sling Bag but smaller than a normal Backpack, our URBANA BLACK COLLECTION also features an extremely comfortable and modern looking Messenger Bag to carry your stuff in style. Includes a grab handle that makes it easy to grab & go or attach it to your suitcase effortlessly. Not just your regular smart organizer but also your personal style statement – no wonder so many fashion influencers love these!

Made of reinforced fabrics to protect your belongings and breathable materials to support a continuous, odorless daily use. Although perfect for bike messengers and couriers, this great alternative to backpacks can be used in many ways, such as a mail bag, a student bag and even to carry your laptop or other electronic devices. A very useful accessory for those who need to travel a lot by bike or walk through the city!

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